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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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it to the streets. john kerry is working on more details right now. i don't have any details at this point in time. i hope that there will be peace, but i have nothing to add to what has transpired at this moment. >> this is a statement that you're going to be seeing soon released by the white house that parties in turkey they should support the democratically elected government of turkey, show restraint and avoid any violence. they will continue to focus on the safety of the u.s. citizens, being urged to avoid going to the u.s. embassy in turkey and urning people to contact their families through
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e-mail or text because social media is shut down. frank? (mark) >> i understand that there is a lot of confusion right now including where the president was. but he gave a message through an iphone. any idea where the president might be? >> we heard that he addressed the public on a live stream. and even though that he is down playing this, that it speaks to the fact how serious that it is that they are keeping the location top secret. that hopefully this will be over soon, but it does not appear to be happening. >> whether it has been
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successful or not. they said that it has been repelled. >> well moments before we came on the air they were reporting that it was over. but when you look at those images that it looks like there is still a ton of people out on the streets, saying that the military is continuing to block bridges with that power struggle that it is unclear. >> it is something that we will follow, thank you. >> why turkey is an important ally for the u.s. sitting between the crossroads, sharing with a border with both syria and iraq, where they are fighting for control. turkey has been an important
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partner with the united states on matters ranging from counterterrorism to nato operations. just last year the u.s. and turkey finalized an agreement to fight isis terrorists. now to the bastille day attack in nice, france. a memorial on the water front continues to grow where 84 people were killed and more than 280 injured where people gathered last night a. father and son from texas. and authorities in france extended a state of emergency. >> and so we are in a fight for the wrong turn because all enemies will continue to hit old people, all the countries, which have liberty and the core of their values.
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>> whether he was connected to any terror group or ideologies. they call him a terrorist linked to radical islam, but he was unknown to any agents. and connor powell reports from nice, the investigation into the attack and the outpouring of grief from around the world. president obama offering condolences, condemning the attacks. and with all the innocent men, women, and so many children who were hurt or killed. >> reporter: the president ordering flags at half staff. the attacker identified as a
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delivery man born in north africa. >> reporter: and they told him that you are not worth anything. saying that the man was unknown to officials, that the suspect was shot dead, two automatic weapons found inside the vehicle. all to remember those killed. >> and that it shows what it is. a lot of terrorists, different countries, different countries coming together. >> and that we are meeting now to be united. >> no claims of responsibility at this time and the suspect's wife is in custody. in nice connor powell fox news.
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>> the council general of france in san francisco spoke out about the attack this afternoon. calling it an act of terror and hate. people have been leaving flowers outside. but fortunately none of the people had any family members killed or injured, appreciating all the symphony that he has gotten. >> and when all these messages, very moving for us very much. >> tomorrow they will gather at city hall to pay their respects to those who died in frank france. -- died in france. leslie was in nice for a summer intern program. he was with other students.
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the university said that three students were injured in that attack. more on the efforts to try to find leslie, lee? >> he's one of 85 students in niece for the summer program. so far he's the only one unaccounted for. according to one of his friends, he was there with those injured students when the truck drove into the crowd. the student was last seen by fellow students on the promenade during nice's bastille day celebration. his friends says that he has not contacted nature attack. >> he wasn't responding either. >> that the last snapchat was taken the night of the attack. >> i found out that he was near it at the florida beach restaurant, five minutes out from where the attacks took
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place. >> several students attended the celebrations. >> we have two students with broken legs. >> friends saw lesli run. >> they all scattered when the event happened, running away from the truck to my knowledge. >> but he has not reached out to family and friends. >> we have been working with the local officials. >> reporter: the internship program is suspended. it will resume, but three students have opted to leave the program, to help in the search. >> we are putting the full effort out there. it is surreal that this is happening. >> facebook green lighted that he had recent internet
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activity, but his friends think that it is a false alarm. some have tried to use the apple gps search for his mobile phone and that is the reason why it is showing that he had recent internet activity. the campus just went through the death of the student in bangladesh not long ago. any sense of the mood overseas? >> well his friend said that he feels that he is a little apprehensive. >> well, we apologize for that. obviously having a little trouble there. but the bottom line a student from cal is missing following that attack in nice, france. the last few atrack -- the last few attacks on paris, pulse nightclub and now the promenade in nice. tom vacar talked to a former
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fbi agent to see if there is anything that they can do. >> it turned out to be a soft target. big enough to allow a truck to pass through in trying to determine why that 31-year-old did what he did. was it ordered by the terrorist group? or a self-radicalized man inspired by the jihadist movement or the act of the small time criminal gone mad? >> it looks like terrorism. the truck had explosives, guns, but there is an investigation. >> rick smith is a former fbi agent. >> first of all he wasn't on
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any watch list. only to complete this attack with the driver's license. >> smith says if he was on the watch list that authorities could follow him online. conduct surveys once on him, intercept the communications, track his context as well as talk to his friends and colleagues. >> and this will put a real scare on everyone. and all types of the terrorism groups that will be concerned today. how do you identify them? i mean how do you stop them from happening? >> ask your soft targets if there are so many from the malls to the arenas, the grocery stores, that there is no soft target list here in the bay area or anywhere else that there is just too many. >> and right now security is in every type. >> if you see something, or
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someone, say something. tom vacar ktvu fox 2 news. coming up here continuing coverage in turkey. a military coup underway in turkey with conflicting reports tonight about whether that coup has been successful with questions on where the president is tonight. a story with major ramifications throughout the world. we'll continue to toll it on this newscast. and today it is official. donald trump has his vp choice. a look at how trump and mike pence have disagreed on previous topics. a clash of protesters over san francisco's mayor today. the protest and what they were calling for. in weather the bay area has cooled off a bit. coming up, we'll let you know if that will continue for your
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upcoming weekend.
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the nation continues to mourn the five officers killed in the sniper attack last week. funeral services will be held for michael krol. mourners gathered yesterday for a public memorial for michael smith. and dallas area rapid transit officer brent thompson. on saturday people will say good-bye to patrick zamarripa. hundreds showed up to southern university in baton rouge, louisiana for the funeral of
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alton sterling, who was shot and killed while selling cds outside the convenience store just days before the sniper attack in dallas. today the store owner who recorded the shooting on his cell phone spoke of sterling's kindness and compassion. >> he showed me a lot of love. he was friendly and welcoming and truly the meaning of southern hospitality. >> the death calls for more police accountability. to the senior add viator, and jesse jackson and the reverend al sharpton both spoke at the services. a clash of protesters at the city hall today. the other group much larger showed up to support the mayor. how to oust the mayor came about in the first place.
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>> 45 years i have lived in this city and i'm embarrassed that ed lee is our leader. >> reporter: it was a small number of two dozen with their voices strong. >> ed lee's got to go. >> reporter: protesters demanding that mayor ed lee remove the -- be removed from office. he was worried about those showing up in the commission meetings and stood behind the chief of police. >> they say that lee should have fired the chief immediately after a racist text messaging scandal and a string of deadly officer-involved shootings that the mayor let the affordable housing crisis to spiral out of control. >> and he has forced middle and lower income communities out of san francisco to benefit the big business and twitter. >> reporter: but supporters were not to be outdone. they gathered 200 plus across
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from city hall and recalled with the demonstrators. >> and i think that the recall effort is a misuse. >> reporter: mayor lee could not be blamed for the crisis since it is decades in the making. >> these are all first world problems, the by-product of the red hot economy. and big city america for people to work. america has done that very successfully. >> i think that mayor ed lee is one of the best and most dedicated mayor in the history of san francisco. >> reporter: the recall group filed their petition here. once approved bit department ofelections that -- by the department of elections that they will have 160 days to gather 4,600 signatures. >> and let's talk about the weather now. mark ibanez mash filling in today. it has certainly cooled down. >> thankfully that the forecast
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has been right so far. i'm happy about that in the weather department. and also cooling temperatures here as well. remember that we had the 90s, that was yesterday. but everybody is cooling off as advertised. it is not warming up too much. the main story has been the heat. and right now as you can see that the the fog is hanging out. a few high clouds will be moving up the north bay. to half moon bay and outside towards san francisco's ocean beach and that cloud deck will expand in coverage. that it will help push that fog back into the bay for your saturday. take a look at those numbers
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showing you livermore and the 90s. that's the airport at 67. and some 70s to report for nevada and napa. here is the live camera, feeling like a giant here looking towards that nice building here paying us a visit. and with that as they would expand in coverage that it will be a factor first thing in the morning inland as well as they would start out on your saturday in the low to mid-50s. 7:00 a.m. with the low clouds, the temperatures in the mid-50s. then by 12:00, patchy fog at 60 degrees. then into the afternoon hours by 3:00 and by 4:00, partly sunny with a bit of a breeze. the wind speeds will be picking up. the expected pattern tomorrow morning at 7:00. and here you can see that coast
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and also patches right around the bay, even a few patches inland, then clearing back to the afternoon. you'll notice that 90-degree con tore, the warmest locations for the saturday in the upper 80s. san francisco at 63 and 82. the winds do pick up right around 20 to 25 miles an hour. and the upper 80s. the temperatures will be cooling off into sunday as well. and then we will be pretty steady with the temperatures here pretty comfortable. probably developing next week.
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the mayor heat wave that they could just appreciate that fog to stick around. >> thank you. we want to take you to developing news, that you're looking at the day of action. and that these protesters were gathered outside on broadway, the bottom of the exit downtown oakland as we know what happened when that situation developed last week when they closed that freeway for several hours, that you can see them standing at the exit that at this point the exit off of 880 is closed while the protesters would gather at the base of the ramp. we will see what will happen as
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they try to get on to the freeway, but an early heads up that you might want to think about getting on 580 as you look at southbound traffic the bottom of the screen moving very slow in that direction as well. the northbound traffic is moving fine at this point. but if they do get on the freeway that it will be a whole different situation. >> the exact same thing that they would walk up last thursday. now, i will say that the crowd was much larger when they would walk up the onramp. shutting down the freeway that right now the crowd is not very big with a lot of police. that in this case that they do not look like they would let them walk up the ramp like last thursday. we will continue to follow that. >> there was a lot of hate as they did go down during the day, but they were too afraid to go actually looking any further. >> a pack of coyotes that may
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have killed the family's dog. the answers they got when they asked to take care of the coyotes. bridges are shut down, flights being diverted. people are ordered to shelter in place in what appears to be a violent coup by the nation's military. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪
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a family has unwanted guests that the family of
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coyotes has made a home on their property. but the biggest surprise came when they asked for help in removing the coyotes. >> reporter: another family seems to have made themselves at home and the family of the coyotes that they could not find anyone to help them leave. >> i'm scared for my kids. >> reporter: one of the coyotes was spotted at drive way on sunday night. >> and that it just stood there. >> reporter: two days later charlie got out of the house. he hasn't been sign since. >> and the family searched the property finding a den beyond the tree. >> there was a lot of hissing when they would go down during the day. but we were too afraid to go look any further. >> reporter: and then came the
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hard part as they called animal control. they say that they don't come out unless the coyote poses a threat to humans. >> reporter: the other neighbors have animals and kids. that it should be a concern for everybody. >> the family will clear away some of the brush to make it open and that they have made some calls, but so far none have been willing to come out here. rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, we will get back to nice, france where 84 people were killed in an attack. for france, it's the third time that there has been a major terror attack in the last year and a half. today, we would talk to the middle east expert about why france seems to be a repeat target. and also the republican ticket, it is now open. donald trump picks his vice
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presidential candidate why some of the vp's previous tweets contradicts the message for donald trump. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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indiana governor mike pence withdrew his anymore from the governor's race today that happened a few minutes after announcing that pence will join him on the ticket as vice president. the first-term republican
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governor was seeking re- election. political reporter ross palombo joins us now. this is a big thing. first, he said he was not going to name him today and then tweeted out that he was picking pence. >> michael pence had to make a decision today and that the deadline for him to file was today at 9:00 a.m. our time. and that he was going to be the choice. it is never done until announced. and that he was on the ticket. >> and what is the reaction to this? pence has been critical of some of his policies. >> in fact look at some of the tweets that he has sent out in the the past from the governor saying that the calls is offensive. his comments about that judge
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in his case that they were basically inappropriate. and keep that in mind that there will be a big to do when he endorsed ted cruz if you remember, that he was hedging that the the best saying very good things, endorsing cruz, but he left the door open in the end. for him that is a good thing. >> and that he would sure up for donald trump because they do not believe trump is a real conservative. >> and now they are happy, the head of the gop right now. he got it as they would say that donald trump wi be leaning towards newt gingrich. someone he gets along with personally, that they were
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urging him to pick someone and that is what he did. >> and does it help when it comes to ohio, one of the key states, that maybe he could help deliver ohio for donald trump during the election? >> i think the thinking is that mike pence will help sure up the support for the conservatives. he's going to help him rule or work in the white house i should say that will be more accurate as he was in congress for 12 years, i don't know if it will make a difference in ohio unless they are from that particular state. we have never seen it make much of a difference at all. >> that's right. >> and he was seeking re- election until today. and he is right there with the
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challenger, so many people are breathing a sigh of relief, who could be better. >> and you will be there? >> yes, we will be. our report will begin at 5:00 on the show bringing you all the latest developments. and we will be there with our leaders to see it through their eyes in philadelphia. >> just quickly because we're almost out of time here as they say that these conventions put people to sleep. do you see that happening? >> it is really hard to say that he has made untraditional choices when you have two formal presidents that will not be there, that the president from the party if they are still around that they do not attend the country that he only
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has four sitting u.s. senators that will be speaking. and that there are stars that will be speaking. they thought tim tebow was going to speak. i don't know if we will see many fireworks inside that hall, but we will see amazing fireworks on the outside as they will be preparing that in cleveland and we will see what will happen. >> we will see you on monday. thank you. and now back to the latest terrorist attack that 80 people were confirmed dead. the children's hospital in nice says that young children and teenagers are among the dead and injured. a number of the victims identified so far are french. a father and son from texas are also among those killed. and a uc berkeley student is
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killed and missing as three others were hurt. over the last 18 months france has suffered free major terrorist attacks. tom vacar talk today an expert over middle eastern politics why france is a continuing target. >> consider this, since the 9/11 attacks in the united states, france is actually suffering 18 terrorist attacks. four of those been a vehicle ramming a crowd. >> the most noticeable attack, a concert, soccer game, restaurants. the attacks in january had the magazine in paris in nice. several others such as the attempted train attack have been prevented. we asked middle east professor
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stephen zunas of the university of san francisco why france. >> and france is the home of one of the largest muslim populations in europe. most of them to varying degrees, subjected to harassments from police, high unemployment. >> that many of the most marginalized muslims, that it is often the case with many american gang members. the attraction of the so-called islamic state is powerful among the young people in france. they see it as a preversion of their arms. >> they are trying to find some balance in life. >> and the former country, many
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remain amongst tunisians. the truck has been done three times before for gun control. >> and in some cases that it will be running in and exactly that little space. >> reporter: france is a part of their overall problem. >> there are millions of alienated young muslims in europe. >> that is the prescription of the seemingly violence, especially as they clampdown on other folks investigating. one of our reporters actually lives in paris much of the time, just going back to france. >> reporter: she is on the phone right now from paris. three major terrorist attacks in france. two happened in paris. what is it like being in paris
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right now? >> today felt pretty normal. i had gone out to several neighborhoods. it is quiet and slower than usual, but because of the holiday weekend, the huge holiday weekend for folks here. and people at their normal jobs, we passed by quite a few cafes this evening. most of them were busy and people, they are out and about going about their daily business. >> what are people talking about? is this subject a for discussion at the coffee houses and so on. are people talking about what is happening in nice? >> that it is certainly, you know, one of the primary topics on their minds today. z people are grieving in the three-day period of mourning right now. obviously people are devastated, saddened by what
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happened. but a few of those folks expressed their desire to keep on living their lives, the symbolic gesture if you will, not letting them win. and they are really wanting to determine to not live in fear, keep of doing things they normally would have. but that it is over everyone's heads. >> is this something that you think about? are you worried about another attack happening there in paris? we were talking in the phone and the newsroom that you just went to the eiffel tower. are you going gosh i hope something doesn't happen? >> primarily seeing just the eiffel tower that it would be lit up, the red, white, and blue today and it was. and so it is not a major part of what we're thinking about
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when we are out there, but we are traveling quite a bit this year and it is something that you think about. relying on the website, planning travel, just wanting to be aware of what's going on. but that we are not going to stop traveling because of what happened. >> thanks for joining us. we hope that you stay safe and around stays safe. >> still to come here, a dog was put down by mistake last month. the animal shelter els us about the mistake that caused them to put down a dog ready to be adopted. coming up next, how many games that the star quarterback is expected to miss next season.
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tom brady is dropping his appeal and that he will serve his four-game suspension. he was originally suspected last season where they had used underinflated footballs in the championship game. the judge overturned that suspension, as he played all of last season. but in april they talked about
5:46 pm
him taking his appeal to the supreme court, but he said that he has made the difficult decision. and they will be taking a second look at their protocol last month. he spoke about why it happened and the steps she is taking to make sure that it does not happen again. >> reporter: barbie a 4-year- old adoptable pit bull mix was euthanized by mistake. beth ward the shelter's director said that the communication glitch is to blame. >> and it is just a person failing to double check their paperwork and it lead to the untimely death. barbie was put down on june 18 just days before they were to adopt her. >> the moment we found out that
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it happened, everybody has been devastated. and that everyone here cares about the animals in our community. >> reporter: a second dog was also euthanized that same day that they were interested in adopting tommy. the group wants no adoptable dog to be killed. but they question why protocol wasn't followed in the first place that as of may that close to those animals made it out alive, to add oversight. ktvu fox 2 news. >> and now someone is going around what little that they do have. homeless victims are on alert for a man that they call armed
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and dangerous. coming up, we will let you know where it will be for us tomorrow morning and we will highlight the coolest day of the weekend.
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inland neighborhoods are no longer talking about the triple digits out there. take a look at the highs this
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afternoon with a lot of 70s and the 80s. livermore at 94 and concordat 93. you can't see the fog bank out here as it looks like the cloud deck, already expanding in coverage. that will warm up the bay area, they will help transport the fog back into the bay. santa rosa showing you 90 and 76 degrees. the live camera towards the bay bridge here, you get that ideas of them moving around, getting organized on saturday and a deeper marine layer. with that maybe around 2,225
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feet. cooling off the inland neighborhoods as well. we have been talking about this heating up the interior as it will begin to back off tomorrow. all week long. now into next week that will continue for you next week as well. and the clouds will be clearing back, not warming up too much this week. the warmest locations in the upper 80s, flirting with the 90- degree mark. one of the warmer days of the weekend for you on sunday. and morgan hill in the mid-80s.
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then they will warm up those numbers on tuesday and wednesday. at least not in that five-day forecast. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> they are calling him jack that he is dangerous and armed. up next what he is targeting. >> and continuing coverage of the breaking news out of turkey. you are just getting breaking news that there is police fire being exchanged. that those members, they are firing at each other in the part of istanbul. we will continue our latest on the coup in turkey when we come back.
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destroying what little property that they have around the city. telling us that the victims are now calling the man armed and dangerous. >> it sounds like something out of a horror movie, that they call him machete jack and they swear that he's real. they asked us not to show their faces that they fell victim to machete jack in late june.
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>> it was shredded really. you come back and you have nothing. i mean we have nothing that is. >> reporter: they're not alone. multiple incidents in recent weeks with at least three locations. one man's bike tires were sliced. more tents shredded. >> it is like a hate crime these these are people that are barely making it as is. >> he witnessed an attack by workers in chp. >> and he started hacking it. >> reporter: they deny any wrong doing. and still homeless advocates gave us the employee walking through camp carrying a tool on the belt not showing any destruction of property. >> and for now that leaves the
5:58 pm
identity of machete jack a mystery. one that the victims would like to solve it. >> he'll keep doing it for as long as he gets away with it. >> reporter: that any further action will have to come from chp. no one has filed a formal complaint with them yet. ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. >> reporter: breaking news tonight from overseas, bridges shut down. people ordered to shelter in place by the military. at this moment it is unclear who is in charge of the country i'm ken pritchett, julie is off tonight. >> i'm frank somerville. the military said that it is successful and that marshal law is in place. but turkey officials are saying the opposite. now turkey sits at the cross
5:59 pm
roads. and shares a border with both syria and iraq. it is important to note here that turkey is a key partner with matters ranging from operations, partnering with the u.s. in the fight. we want to show you live pictures from turkey as these are pictures where just a lot of people on out there that they shut down this freeway with explosions, an exchange of gunfire between police and the military a very chaotic situation all across them here tonight. we are monitoring the situation. what do you have for us? >> that there have been conflicting reports, that the government says that it has been defeated. but when you look at those images, it does not appear to
6:00 pm
be over just yet. police and military are exchanging fire in istanbul. it is now 4:00 a.m. in turkey right now, yet hundreds of people remain in the streets of istanbul. the request of the president urging them to show support for the government during the overnight hours that the bomb hit their parliament. 17 police officers were killed. the fighter jet brought down the military jet. all unfolding just hours after the group was in their military and they claimed on seizing control of the government. and social media is shut down in the main airport that's closed. we spoke to the bay area congressman a short time ago that turkey's president has not been very popular. >> it is not very democratic


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